The Bielschowsky Family
1740 - Now

We hope you enjoy the information we have gathered on the Bielschowsky family.

We have created this website to share much of the information we have on the Bielschowsky ancestry.
By sharing this information we hope that we can help others that are researching the Bielschowsky family history,
and that in turn this may help us to further expand this website with new information.

As you will understand it has taken us considerable amount of work to gather all the information and create this website.
We would appreciate it therefore if you would use this information only for non-commercial purposes.

Our ultimate aim is to link all Bielschowsky individuals to one family tree.
Where we were not able to find such a link, we have listed the individuals or groups of individuals separately.
Please help us finding those missing links.

Kind regards

the Bielschowsky family


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