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      Max Bielschowsky and Gertrude Michels
      Situation May 1940
      Mesdaglaan 39, Arnhem

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(Research):Could this be the Hans Bielschowsky referred to on this site which is dedicated to the memory of Germany's Jewish airmen of the First World War :
Mother was Else Bielschowsky, father unknown.


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(Research):Roger Lustig
To: frank bielschowsky
cc: Rob & Hanneke Bielschowsky

Subject: Re: BIELSCHOWSKY family
08/09/2003 17:09
Please respond to julierog

Dear Frank:

Most of the data I have is from the vital records of Kreis Rybnik, which includes the towns of Rybnik, Sohrau, and Loslau. This material is available on LDS films 879596-8, which are erroneously catalogued under "Baranowitz"--a tiny village in the Kreis that happens to be the first item alphabetically.

According to these records, Alexander BIELSCHOWSKY, who was born in either 1761 or 1766, and who died in 1821, was married to Dorothea ABRAHAM (b. 1781) and had (at least) five children:
     Hirschel (married twice: to Babette GRAETZER
     Moses (b. 1795, m. Minka/Mindel EHRLICH--11 children)
     Thone (daughter, b. 1801)
     Jacob (b.1806)
     Alexander (b. 1811)

Alexander Sr. is the only BIELSCHOWSKY to appear on the list of Jewish heads of household who adopted Prussian citizenship in 1812. His residence is given as Ponischowitz, Kr. Tost.

Then there's Abraham BIELSCHOWSKY, who also appears as Alexander; He's married to Riffke WOLFF by 1812 (3 children); and to Maria/Marianne EHRLICH by 1822.

Jacob Louis B. appears on a tree I found on the Internet, with the dates you give, and with his father's name given as Isaac, with dates (Bielschowitz 1760-1821 Loslau). I have Alexander dying in Jastrzemb (Kr. Rybnik) and buried in Loslau. Looks close enough, and explains why father and son would have the same given name--one of them had Hebrew
name Isaac. Happens all the time...

And the difference between June 1805 and 1806 is trivial, as the 1806 date comes from a family register that was begun in 1818 (when Kreis Rybnik was formed) and began with lots of retroactive entries. They probably just calculated birth year from age. Moses BIELSCHOWSKY appears separately--the entry after Alexander--and probably had a
different mother, as Dorothea ABRAHAM would have borne him at age 14.
Abraham/Alexander appears later, as he didn't move in until 1824, and then moved to Krassau (Kr. Gross Strehlitz) the same year.

All the best,